When MuPrint opened in 2011, Google Earth’s Streetview barely noticed.

It took nearly two years’ trading before the shop appeared on the App, which allows users to ‘drive’ along real streets ‘virtually’ by clicking on a huge matrix of interlinked still images taken by a Google Camera Car.

Unlucky for MuPrint – the first time the shop was featured on Google Streetview, it was closed. Worse still, the streets of Manchester that day looked like 7am on a Sunday morning in July! Everyone was either tucked up in bed, on holiday or both.

But in the last few weeks, MuPrint has had more luck. The Google car whizzed past MuPrint HQ on a busy, overcast, week-day Manchester mid-morning.

Better still, it was term time and the city streets were abuzz!

In the new images, students are seen waving at the camera and the new MMU Students Union building looks like it just might be finished any time soon…

“The new Google images certainly appear to show a term time scene and the MMU SU building development looks like it is nearly complete. Also, an ad for the movie The Rewrite (In Cinemas Weds Oct 8) on the side of a bus suggests the photo could have been taken in early October, but we aren’t 100% sure of the exact date,” said a MuPrint spokesman.

He added: “We’re really happy with the photo – you can even see customers in the shop, which is always a good sign for us!”

(And how do we know it is morning? Easy. The sun is in the East.)

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