1p Wednesday

Special Student-only deal:

A4 black prints for just 1p each!

Yes, that’s right: Students can now get black prints onto white A4 copier paper for just 1p each, each and every Wednesday at MuPrint. We know that our current student price of 5p per print is great value, so we’re sure that you’ll agree that this is AMAZING!!

There are a few terms and conditions with this fantastic offer which are listed below.

See you on Wednesday!

Terms and Conditions

  • You must tell us BEFORE printing that you want this offer: this ensures that we use the correct printer.
  • Valid only on Wednesdays until further notice: all year round, except for any Wednesdays that we are closed.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw or suspend the offer at any time without notice. For example, during busy periods around course deadlines.
  • Offer only for Students of recognised universities: current, valid ID must be shown.
  • A4 sized black prints onto standard white 80gsm copier paper only.
  • All work to be produced on our Xerox 5790 printer: this specifically excludes any black-only printing on our colour printers.
  • Print-ready printing only: we cannot do any setting up or preparation for you.
  • Offer subject to machine availability and workload: if the machine is busy or broken then we won’t be able to print on it.
  • First come, first served basis: don’t leave it too late in the day as we might not have time to print for you.
  • Not run in conjunction with any other offer or discount: in particular, there is no student society discount with this deal.
  • Trimming or layout service not included: we cannot do any cutting out, or design or setting up for you.
  • Maximum of 1000 prints per customer per day: we need to have a limit to be fair to all our customers.
  • Double sided printing is equivalent to 2 prints: we always charge per side of printing, not per sheet.
  • Printing only: photocopying is not available with this offer.
  • Not applicable to our large format printers: our poster printers are specifically excluded from this deal.