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July 19th: No restrictions but let’s stay safe!


  • To help protect the health of our staff and customers, we politely request that you wear a mask inside the store.
  • If there are several customers already inside the store, we suggest that you wait outside until somebody leaves as there is limited space available.
  • Place your order in advance and collect when we tell you it’s ready. The main reason for this is that it reduces the time that you will be waiting in the shop. There may also be times when we cannot do your printing straight away, so order as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


Do you want to email a file from your phone?

In our experience, sending us something to print from a phone isn’t always instant and we may have to wait several minutes for your email to arrive. Again, we want to reduce your waiting time so please email files to us well before you get to the store, for example from the comfort of your own home.


Please read on for detailed information…

Order in advance and collect when ready

The coronavirus spreads easier indoors so you really want to spend as little time as possible inside the store. We therefore recommend that you place your order in advance on our website or email us and we’ll let you know when it’s ready to collect. If you are sending a file to print then PDF is strongly recommended.

Don’t forget: we also have lower prices if you can wait with our 3 and 5 working day services.

Consult with us remotely
You can get information on our services in a number of ways

  • Website: has a wealth of information on what we offer and you can get prices for most products at the online shop
  • Email:
  • Phone: 0161 868 0977
  • Text or WhatsApp message: 07454 935007
  • Or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

We will answer all enquiries as soon as possible but please be patient as there may be delays during busy periods.

We can accept payment in a number of ways but strongly recommend contactless and online methods for improved safety.

  • Debit or Credit card – contactless up to £45.
  • No Limit contactless using a phone or other device with Apple Pay, Google Pay etc.
  • Bank transfer to this account: NEW BANK DETAILS  Name: MUPRINT LTD   •   Sort Code: 05-00-05   •   Account No: 05238387
  • Debit or Credit card online – ask us for an invoice.
  • Debit or Credit card by phone on 01618680977.
  • PayPal to  (£2.00 minimum)
  • Cash


We can post your order to you
If your order is non-urgent then for an additional fee, we can send it to you using Royal Mail, UPS or Parcelforce.

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