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The Best Value Wide Format Poster Printing in Manchester

MuPrint now offers customers while-u-wait* poster printing at AMAZINGLY LOW PRICES!

Manchester businesses, university staff, departments and students can now get their posters printed quicker than ever thanks to MuPrint’s on-site, wide-format poster printers! Offering eight colour 1200dpi poster printing for realistic flesh tones and pastel colours, our HP poster printers can print BIG posters up to 41 inches wide – that’s large enough for A2, A1 and even A0. Everyone benefits from our super low prices – everybody now pays the same low price! You lucky people! So just bring in (or email) your file (preferably PDF but we can print from pretty much anything) to MuPrint at Unite Students Rosamond House (ex-Liberty Central) on Higher Cambridge Street and watch your posters print while-u-wait. Or, if you prefer, leave it with us until it is ready – we courier anywhere in the world, as required. You can get even better prices by waiting three or five working days! So whether you need a poster for an assignment or want something great to hang up on your bedroom wall, MuPrint – the home of great value Manchester Poster Printing – has the answer. Never have Manchester students been offered such a fantastic deal in poster printing! We use high quality heavyweight (200gsm) satin finish paper as standard to give you excellent results.

You can order your poster printing here

Or if you want architectural drawings, building plans, CAD etc – Simply click here!

Our Prices

Same day

A2: £13.80 including VAT

A1: £19.95 including VAT

A0: £25.80 including VAT

3 working days

A2: £10.65 including VAT

A1: £15.35 including VAT

A0: £19.85 including VAT


5 working days

A2: £7.95 including VAT

A1: £11.50 including VAT

A0: £14.85 including VAT


Discounts when you buy in bulk!

*Waiting times may vary.

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