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Keep Calm and Stay 2m Apart (6 Pack)

Keep Calm and Stay 2m Apart (6 Pack)

Promote Social Distancing with our Keep Calm and Stay 2m Apart Social Distancing Stickers 6 Pack.  Available as 200mm, 300mm and 400mm diameter circles they help to promote Social Distancing in the workplace whether that’s an Office, Factory, Manufacturing Plant, Call Centre, Takeaway or Shop.

Worried about them not sticking? Order a sample kit here!

Need them to work outside/externally? Check out our external range of Social Distancing Floor Solutions.

How do I fit Social Distancing Floor Stickers?

It’s as simple as clean the floor (with an alcohol based cleaning solution provides the best results), remove the backing paper from the sticker, lay the social distancing floor sticker flat and push the air out of the sticker using a credit card or squeegee till it’s fully stuck to the floor.

To remove use a scalpel or knife to pull up the edge of the sticker and slowly pull the graphic off the floor in one piece, use an alcohol based cleaning solution to remove any left over glue.

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