Fore reasons of GDPR Compliance, please read the following.

  • This website is owned & managed by MuPrint Ltd at Unit 2, Liberty Central, 28 Higher Cambridge Street, MANCHESTER M15 6AA.
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  • Your browser will collect information about you in its normal operation and it will do it even when visiting the MuPrint website. Furthermore, our website might use cookies and other little gizmos to give you the best possible experience when using this website. Honestly, we are far too busy with our day jobs to mine and market this information in the way that Facebook do, so don’t panic on that score. If you already have a Facebook account, you can be sure anything we know about you is a tiny fraction of what Facebook have found out. If you don’t have a Facebook account, then what data this website has collected about you is vanishingly small compared to what they have on you. And even if our data had any value, we are never going to sell to a third party – we think it is wrong, unethical and it is company policy to give our customers a break. So please remind us of this if you take us to court. You might want to take a screenshot of this now in fact.
  • Sure, if you are buying something online from us or emailing us a question, you are going to have to give us some contact details for us to deliver it to you or answer your question. In the old days, you might have left your phone number with us so we could call you back or maybe even written us a letter with a typewriter and put your address at the top. But would we have taken that typed address and used it to send you samples and catalogues that bunged up your letterbox for years to come? No, of course not. In that spirit of the 20th Century, that’s how we want it to be now and forever more. If you have something delivered to your address, we know where you live, which sounds a bit sinister but then, so does every postie who ever put a letter through your letterbox. So if what we’re doing is a bit sinister, then one might think the postie ought to wear a Stasi uniform too for reasons of trades description.
  • We have been told by our accountants to keep keep invoices for seven years for accounting purposes, so that means we have boxes and boxes of old paperwork stored in the attic of the owners of this business. Some might think that this is a bit sinister or eccentric, but that’s accountants for you. Even in the days before the internet, that’s what used to happen, so that’s the way it is. Now you know.
  • It is possible we might one day get around to running a marketing campaign be emailing you from a mailing list we have put together because you contacted us years ago. If we do that, then it will certainly include a link saying ‘Unsubscribe’ on it to take you off the list. And if you don’t see an ‘unsubscribe’ button on it, then simply call us and tell us off. We would deserve it.
  • If you have emailed us in the past, then in theory we have to email you to ask permission to email you in future. However, we think it better simply not to email you to ask permission to email you in future because, if you answered ‘no’ to the email then we have already emailed you to ask you if you want to be emailed and that is not really in the spirit of things. Plus, we haven’t got time to be emailing everyone just to ask them if they would accept one of our emails. So what we will do is, if we are ever to get around to an email marketing campaign, to include a ‘can we email you’ email before we start, just so you are ready for it. If you have a problem with this policy, please email us.
  • GDPR insists that you must be able to retrieve, delete or discuss any data we have on you by emailing our Data Protection Officer – so if you want to know what we have on you, email us via our ‘Contact Us’ page addressing your query to the Data Protection Officer.
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