Copying has never been so easy

Our standard prices are the same for printing and copying. Our printers are also high quality copiers. However, a copy will always be just that: a copy.

A print will be at the best possible quality so it makes sense, wherever possible, to print from an electronic original rather than copy from paper. Black text usually copies OK but you’ll notice a difference with anything in colour, especially photographs.

Price Calculator – get a price for any quantity instantly.

For both our full colour and mono (black only) copying, the price is variable: the more you have, the cheaper it is per copy. However, if it’s not loose sheets – e.g. a bound or stapled document, passport, a book – then this requires more operator time for manual copying and will cost more.

Note that our copiers do not print to the edge so there will be a white border of approx 5mm as standard.

Not all printing is liable for VAT – more information on our VAT page.

IMPORTANT: If the material is subject to copyright – such as published books, sheet music, etc – then we are not legally allowed to copy it unless you have written permission from the copyright holder.

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