Here are some frequently asked questions, together with our answers. If you have a query about any of our services, please contact us (click the link above).

Yes. Actually, we can print them quicker than that. While-you-wait. Full colour. Full bleed. 24pp. Double stitched. Same Day. But if you can wait 3 or 5 working days, it will be cheaper.

Yes. MuPrint has completed many, many jobs for clients around the world and we’ll be glad to help you too!
Send your file to us via our file upload page (it’s the ‘Send Files’ button in the horizontal menu at the top of the page) and include your instructions. We can advise you regarding the delivery options and costs and we can take your payment via PayPal.

Yes. For an additional fee, we can deliver anywhere. Contact us with your requirements.

DECADES of experience has taught us that predicting when MuPrint will be busy with any accuracy is impossible. What we can say is that first thing in the morning (Mon-Fri) tends to be the best time to visit MuPrint if you want to be first in line.

So, if you are there before our shutters open you will usually (but not always) avoid a queue.

Certain periods in the year are always busier than normal, such as:

  • End of August & the beginning of September when University of Manchester Masters dissertations are due. (Pre-opening queues expected.)
  • March to May when undergraduate dissertations are due.

There will be other days throughout the year when student course deadlines place excessive demand upon our services.

So, if you have a deadline, please let us know if a deadline is approaching, whether it’s for dissertations or large posters or anything else.

MuPrint can employ additional staff  but we only do that when we know a deadline is due. So if your course has a deadline looming, contact us ASAP with your course name, date and approximate course size – it will help us plan for your arrival and remember, the MuPrint team always does its best to ensure each customer is served in good time.

No, not normally. Most work is produced while you wait and will be paid on completion. Other work such as larger print runs that take longer to complete can still be paid on collection but you can pay in advance if you prefer.

Yes. We have high quality 80gsm Xerox Recycled Supreme paper in A4 and A3 and although it costs us slightly more, we don’t charge you any extra. See our environmental policy for details. The paper is so white that many people don’t think it is recycled! – Why not visit us and see for yourself?

Yes. MuPrint offers free, anonymous WiFi if you call in with your laptop. Our high speed fibre optic broadband lets you download files to print from your email using one of our dedicated customer PCs too.

YES! We’re open to everyone – businesses, the general public – and you get to pay great low prices.

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