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It is so easy to get your artwork to MuPrint. Click here to upload your files directly to us.

For best results, please send PDF files to print. This is especially important if your original file is from Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher).

More information on making PDFs can be found here.

Use the MuPrint Upload Page to select your file(s) and upload to us along with your instructions. Maximum file size is 50MB; if larger we suggest that you use WeTransfer.

However you send it to us, don’t forget to say when you would like it for. We have lower prices for most printing if you can wait 3 or 5 working days. But if it’s urgent, let us know and we’ll do our best to complete it by your deadline.


Emailing files to us is best avoided. We recommend instead that you upload it to us using one of the other facilities listed below.


You can send files up to a total of 2GB using WeTransfer.


Sign up to Dropbox and install their software to give you 2GB of online storage that can be accessed from any web browser and selectively shared with family, friends and us. You can even access your files on an iPhone or Android mobile.

To share files with us, put them inside a folder named something like “muprint Your Name” inside the Dropbox folder on your computer. Then right click (or control click on a Mac) and on the Dropbox menu choose “Share this folder”. Put the email address ‘’ in the recipient box and click Share Folder. We’ll also need instructions: include a file in the folder; or write it in the message box when you share it; or send us a separate email.

Or bring your files in!

If you prefer to bring your file in to us in person, that’s fine. You can also access your email or online storage on one of our customer PCs. Whatever you choose to do, please send a PDF file if you can.

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