Artwork Specifications

We recommend artwork with a resolution of 300 to 600 pixels per inch (or dpi). PDF files are recommended especially if you have small text on the card as this will help them to be printed as sharp as possible. N.B. If saving as a PDF from Photoshop, do not flatten it and make sure the Save Layers option is ticked.

You can also supply artwork in many different formats e.g. EPS, PSD, TIFF, JPEG. If JPEG, save with the highest possible quality setting.

For cards with a white border: For best results, ensure all text/graphics are at least 3mm away from the edge. If artwork is a different size/proportion then we will adjust the white border accordingly. There is a Photoshop template at the bottom of the page.

For cards printed to the edge: Artwork must be the finished size of the card plus at least a 3mm bleed on each of the 4 sides This means that the artwork must be 91mm x 61mm.

The bleed is an extension of the background image or any elements of the design that go right up to the edge of the card. If there wasn’t a bleed then there is a possibility that unsightly white bits may appear on the finished cards. The bleed will be cut off after printing. More information about how you should make artwork with a bleed can be found here. There is a Photoshop template at the bottom of the page.

Ensure all text/graphics are at least 3mm inside the finished edge. If artwork does not conform with the specifications then additional charges may apply or, in some circumstances we may not be able to print the cards at all.

Photoshop editable PDF Templates (use the right one!):

Business card printed to the edge:

Business Card with white border:

Content to follow…

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