Folded and stapled booklets are ideal for short-runs of Brochures, Programmes, Magazines, Newsletters etc. We can now print up to the edge (full bleed) on every page subject to suitable artwork.

Minimum quantity is ONE. That’s right – just one booklet!

You can check the price and order online here.

Please note: Booklets are zero rated for VAT. Prices shown are pre-discount prices. Errors and omissions excepted.

To create a document suitable to print as a booklet, simply make it as you would anything else, with pages running in the normal order from page 1 through to the end, and let our software impose it correctly for printing. If your document has A4 size pages but you want them as A5, don’t worry – we can sort this out for you. Just bear in mind that everything will be reduced in size; that includes the text on the page and the margin around the edge. Also, each sheet of A3 or A4 that we print on holds 4 pages in the finished booklet; if you don’t have a multiple of 4 pages in your original document, there will be some blank pages in there.

If you have a document that is designed to be folded and stapled into a booklet or magazine, then we can do this for you. Folding A3 will give you a booklet with A4 size pages, whereas A4 will fold down to make A5 size pages. Note that booklets have to be in a specific sequence; a standard “spreads” layout will not work.

Please note that we can only fold & staple as part of the printing; it is not possible to fold or staple your own printed paper.

If you require full bleed printing to the edge of the paper, then you must create artwork with a bleed for this to work successfully

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