Business Cards

If you need some business cards printing quickly, we can help!

Our standard business cards are 85mm x 55mm, about the same size as a bank debit or credit card. They are digitally printed with card up to 350gsm and we can print them very fast – same day typically.

We can design your business card for you or you can supply us with your own design. If you choose to ‘do-it-yourself’ please click here to consult our Artwork Specifications Page before you send it to us – it will get your card printed quicker.

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Thicker Than Your Average Card!

MuPrint can print your business card up to a super thick 400gsm!

Either  provide your artwork design to us (preferably PDF, but whatever you feel comfortable with) or we’ll design them for you as part of MuPrint’s Graphic Design service.

You can print in full colour or just black, and on one or both sides.

Digital Printing

Please see the specifications below to ensure that your own artwork will be suitable for printing especially if you want to print to the edge as the artwork must have a bleed. Prices are in the PDF (below).

Our cards are squared-off when trimmed.

To get your artwork right, please click here to consult our Artwork Specifications Page.

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