Hardback & Softback Binding

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    Hardback & Softback Binding

    SOFTBACK Print & Bind (Thesis / Dissertation / Business Proposal)

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    If you have an A4 multi-page thesis, dissertation or report, a mixture of mono pages and maybe with some colour photos or charts also, you’re in the right place!

    Simply count the number of mono (black & white) printed pages (sides of a sheet) and the number of colour paper pages (sides of a sheet) you want printing and this page will calculate the price. It’s so easy!

    We can also bind it using the Metalbind channel binding system, with the option of gold lettering on the spine.

    MMU PhD Thesis: there is no requirement for lettering on the spine.

    University of Manchester Thesis or Dissertation: gold lettering is normally required on the spine.