The ideal service for short-runs of Programmes, Magazines, Newsletters etc.

If you are having an event that needs a Programme, you can help pay for it by selling advertising space in its pages and having a cover charge …and like an episode of ‘The Apprentice’, the aim is to make money on your Programme!

If your booklet has at least 50% colour pages, you’re printing at least 50 copies, and you can give us at least 5 clear working days to complete, you’ll get an incredible 25% OFF standard prices!

Minimum quantity is ONE. That’s right – just one booklet!

Here are some example sameday prices to help you budget. Please contact us for special deals.

Finished Size Quantity Pagination Colour/Mono Price
(before discount)
A5 50 8pp Full Colour throughout £59.40
A5 100 12pp Colour Outer Cover only,
mono pages within
A5 250 12pp Full Colour throughout £363.75
A5 500 12pp Full Colour throughout £713.00
A5 350 16pp Colour Outer Cover only,
mono pages within
A5 350 16pp Full Colour throughout £657.10
A4 50  8pp Mono Throughout £30.90
A4 100 12pp Colour Outer Cover only,
mono pages within
A4 350 16pp Colour Outer Cover only,
mono pages within
A4 350  20pp Mono Throughout £306.19

Please note: All prices quoted for non-bleed artwork (i.e. white border of at least 5mm all around), 120gsm smooth paper, folded and stapled. Booklets are zero VAT. Prices shown are pre-discount prices. Contact the shop for additional discounts. Errors and omissions excepted.

If you have a document that is designed to be folded and stapled into a booklet or magazine, then we can do this for you. Folding A3 will give you a booklet with A4 size pages, whereas A4 will fold down to make A5 size pages. The first 200 are 10p each, with any others 8p each, plus the printing costs of course. Please note that we can only fold & staple as part of the printing; it is not possible to fold or staple your own printed paper.

To create a document suitable to print as a booklet, simply make it as you would anything else, with pages running in the normal order from 1 to the end. If your document has A4 size pages but you want them as A5, don’t worry – we can sort this out for you. Just bear in mind that everything will be reduced in size; that includes the text on the page and the margin around the edge. Also, each sheet of A3 or A4 that we print on holds 4 pages in the finished booklet; if you don’t have a multiple of 4 pages in your original document, there will be some blank pages in there.