When VAT is calculated

VAT rules apply on some, but not all forms of printing.

The general rule is ‘if it is made to be written on, it is liable for VAT. If it is designed to written on, then no VAT is charged’.

Posters are generally liable for VAT.

Artwork on its own is liable for VAT. However, if it is artwork intended for non-VAT printing, then you won’t be charged for the VAT.

Flyers are normally zero rated for VAT so the price you see is the price you pay. However, some things can make a flyer liable for VAT at 20% e.g. a voucher, a form, a map, a ticket, an invitation. If your flyer includes one of these then we must add VAT to the price. Even something like “10% off with this flyer” for example would effectively make it a voucher.

Please be aware of this and until the final check is made on your artwork before printing, any quote we give you will be subject to standard rate VAT on those items that we are obliged to apply VAT by law.

Rules for printing VAT change from time to time and a full explanation is given on the HMRC website.

Visit: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/zero-rating-books-and-printed-matter-for-vat-notice-70110

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