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Sustainable Printing Practice – the Key to Conservation

Thanks to huge advances in technology coupled with a burgeoning desire to bestow a greener planet to our children, printing processes are now greener than ever before – and they keep getting greener!

In the days of William Caxton and through to the 20th Century, few cared for the sustainability of printing resources, let alone measure the carbon footprint of a printer.

Now many businesses are striving to be completely sustainable with 100% recycling and zero or negative carbon footprint and MuPrint will be part of that printing permaculture – a Green Revolution for the 21st Century.

MuPrint has already adopted the following policies to help minimise its environmental impact with more to follow:

  • Recycled paper at no extra cost
    MuPrint offers high quality Xerox Recycled Supreme* at no extra cost to our customers, even though it costs us a bit more than standard non-recycled paper (*on request 80gsm A4/A3 only).
  • Our paper is PEFC certified
    If you prefer non-recycled paper from virgin pulp, then our PEFC-certified paper come from wood grown in sustainable, responsibly-managed forests.
  • Re-use boxes and packaging
    Wherever possible, we save and re-use cardboard boxes and packaging materials.
  • Use Energy Save mode
    All our printers, computers and other equipment enter a ‘sleep’ mode when not in use, saving electricity.
  • Return spare parts
    Any parts replaced in our printers are returned to the manufacturer for refurbishment or recycling as appropriate.
  • Using industry-leading green technology
    Our Xerox Docucolor 242 is the bulwark of the MuPrint printing operation and carries EnergyStar accreditation.

(Also, Manager Chris Leuty is a keen cyclist and commutes into Manchester by bike all year round!)

Can we get better?

Absolutely. There is ALWAYS room for improvement! MuPrint stays focussed on the requirements of its customers and that means the way we do business can be as important as the prices we charge.

Today’s customers look for suppliers who care for the environment, so a waste-free and carbon-neutral printing environment is a goal worth pursuing. We understand that a business can be more competitive when it works towards restoring our planet’s natural resources.

MuPrint has already made its first steps on a journey to create a better world and our customers are on that journey with us…

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