Our standard prices are the same for printing and copying. Our printers are also high quality copiers. However, a copy will always be just that: a copy. A print will be at the best possible quality so it makes sense, wherever possible, to print from an electronic original rather than copy from paper. Black text usually copies OK but you’ll notice a difference with anything in colour, especially photographs.

For both our full colour and mono (black only) copying, the price is variable: the more you have, the cheaper it is per copy.

The prices shown below are for same day copying of A4 single sided on 80gsm paper; you can choose high quality recycled 80gsm at no extra cost. Other papers are available subject to additional charge per sheet used. For double sided copying, the cost is the same as double the quantity e.g. 100 double is the same cost as 200 single which reduces the price per copy further. Please ask for any other quantity. A3 is charged at double the cost of A4. Note that our copiers do not print to the edge so there will be a white border of approx 5mm as standard.

Please note that we cannot copy anything larger than A3. For sizes A2 and up, we can only print.


The prices shown below do not include VAT but note that not all printing is liable for VAT – more information on our VAT page.

Colour Print & Copy

See these PDFs for Short Colour Pricelist or Full Colour Pricelist 

Quantity Cost
1 40p
10 £4.00
20 £7.00
50 £15.00
75 £21.00
100 £27.00
200 £50.00
500 £110.00
1000 £210.00


Mono (black only) Print & Copy

See these PDFs for Short Mono Pricelist or Full Mono Pricelist

Quantity Cost
1 8p
10 80p
20 £1.60
50 £3.60
75 £5.20
100 £6.80
200 £10.50
500 £18.40
1000 £31.50


Self Service Copying

Do it yourself for even cheaper copies!

We also have a black & white self service copier available for customers’ use. The cost is 4p per A4. We do not have a self-service colour copier.